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Care InstructionsUpdated a month ago

Rhoback gear is low maintenance! Just throw it in the wash with like-colors. You can air dry or tumble dry low your products in the dryer - they won't shrink!


We want to ensure that you get the most out of your Rhoback gear, so we've included some best practices below, that will help to elongate the life of your garments:

  • Wash inside out: this will prevent any pilling/snagging during the washing process (our products are made with polyester and nylon, which are "short fibers" and can be more prone to damage from abrasion or getting caught on sharp objects). This will also help to prevent any cracking or peeling of your silicone heat seal ridge and dog logo.
  • Masks & hats are machine washable: for best care, we would recommend air-drying these products to ensure your hats keep their shape, and so the wire in the upper seam of your mask does not become twisted or broken.
  • Avoid any rough abrasion, or getting caught on sharp objects: as mentioned above, our products are made with polyester, nylon, and spandex, which are made with "short-fiber" fabrics. Short fiber fabrics are more gentle than "long-fiber" fabrics such as silk, making them more sensitive to damage from abrasive surfaces like brick, velcro, concrete, etc.
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