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Instant ExchangeUpdated 7 months ago

Customers who choose to get an Instant Exchange will enter their card information, and the exchange order is created immediately. Our return portal places a hold on the customer's card for the cost of the new product. As soon as the product is in transit back to our facility, the return portal removes the hold. Any customers that don't return the exchange product within 14 days will be charged for the new product.

If you choose Instant Exchange, you'll be prompted to add your credit card info. The return portal will create a hold on your card for the total amount of the exchange item(s). Please note, this is only a pending charge, and does not officially post until after the 14-day timeframe has passed. If after 14 days the return item has not been marked as "in-transit", our system will charge the card.

Customers that do not want the hold on their card or are not interested in an Instant Exchange can choose to do a regular exchange without adding card information. Customers doing a regular exchange that includes Shop Now and an upsell amount will still need their card to pay the difference.

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